Friday, January 25, 2013

Animal Head Pot Holder Hook

After months of fishing around in the drawer for a pot holder when cooking, I decided that it was time to add a hook above the stove. Of course I could have put up a simple hook from the hardware store but that's just not my style. ;) So instead, I put together this funky animal head pot holder hook! 

Start by finding a small plastic animal that your kid no longer wants. You could also hit up the Dollar Tree if they aren't ready to part with any or if you don't have any kiddos around to steal from. You will want an animal with a long neck otherwise your pot holder will fall down. I wanted a giraffe but because of our spending freeze I had to work with what I already had which was a bunch of dinosaurs.

I ended up with what I thought was either a brachiosaurus or a brontosaurus. I googled it to be sure and discovered that the brachiosaurus has spikes down it's back and the brontosaurus never even existed! Say what?! I hate getting old and having to re-learn things. The brontosaurus was a mistake, Pluto isn't a planet, and am I the only one who was taught in grade school that a rainbow has six colors? Geesh. Anyway, I'm  probably still wrong but I'm going to call this an Apatosaurus. Moving on...

Use a utility knife to cut your animal in half just in front of the back legs. Lay the front half on the table to make sure that it lays flat and trim off any extra if necessary.

Use a small drill bit to make a hole in the back of your animal bust.

Find a small brad nail with a head that is close to the same size as the shaft (in honor of Lorelai Gilmore I am going to throw in a "dirty" here). Find the spot where you want your animal head and partially hammer in the brad with about 1/4" - 1/2" sticking out.

Give your animal head a couple coats of spray paint if you wish and allow it to dry completely. Line the nail up with the hole that you drilled in the back of your animal head and press it onto the nail. Toss on a couple of pot holders and now you have a fun surprise in your kitchen to make cooking even more enjoyable.

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Traci said...

This is basically brilliant and I'm currently jealous of your creativity. Also, agreed on the relearning things point!

spkellerins said...

This is hysterical and brilliant! Love it!