Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pom Pom Flowers

Our living room was in need of a little pop of color so I made some cute little pom pom flowers! Much better than real flowers because they won't die and I don't have to worry about it getting knocked over and dumping water everywhere. With a rambunctious little boy and a large dog around, you have to consider these things! They were really easy to put together and didn't take long at all which brings up my new series:  Quick Crafting.

I have seen some people making pom poms using the tines of a fork but they were a little small for what I was going for so I made my own form out of cardboard. For this size, cut a piece of cardboard to 2" wide x 3" tall. Then cut a 2" line down the middle leaving 1" at the bottom uncut. Slide a 5" piece of yarn down the slit. 

* For different sizes, just cut the width of your cardboard to whatever you want the diameter of your pom pom to be. 

Then start wrapping your yarn around the cardboard. The number of times that you wrap the yarn will determine how full or wispy your pom poms are. I wrapped mine thirty times. 

Now take one end of your loose yarn from the first step and pull it around your bundle and through the slit in the cardboard. Now both ends should be on the same side.

Tightly pull the loose ends around your bundle and secure with a knot.

Use scissors to cut each of the sides. You can also slide the bundle off of the cardboard and then cut it but I find it harder to make sure you cut every single loop that way. 

Slide your pom pom off of the cardboard and fluff it up. You can then trim the ends to round it up a bit. I didn't want them to look too uniform though so I left them kind of shaggy.

Cut a piece of 18 gauge wire to the length that you want your stem to be plus a 1/2". Slide about 1/2" of the wire through the strand of yarn in the middle that is holding everything together. Bend the wire over like in the picture above. 

If you want your flowers to have a more natural-looking stem you could use floral wire or wrap your wire with green tape. You could also grab some twigs from the yard and use those as stems! I liked just the plain wire because we have a lot of chrome accents in our house. 

Then pop your flowers into a vase (or in this case a Coca-Cola bottle). 

Here are my flowers in their new home. They kind of remind me of the truffula trees from The Lorax. 

I dreamed of painting the piano a fun color like this one but since Shelby's current collection of guitars and drum set have natural wood finishes I decided to leave it alone. Maybe I will make a colorful cushion for the piano bench sometime. For now, I will just have to be happy with the splash of color from my flowers. :)

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MariaSelf said...

I love the colors I picked, Megan!

runtspickins said...

This is too funny. I JUST did this with red and white to make a pom pom garland for my fireplace. =]