Friday, November 2, 2012

No-Sew Tooth Fairy Bag

We have BIG news!

This little guy lost his first tooth! It is adorable how exciting this is for a kid. :) 

Instead of putting the tooth under his pillow, we decided to make a special tooth fairy bag to hang on his door knob. Our new carpet is much thicker than what was here originally and we haven't cut down the doors yet so they are a bit tough to open. Although Jer can usually sleep through anything we were worried that this would be the one time that he woke up and it would ruin everything. Since our dog sleeps with him, we just told him that she might scare off the tooth fairy so it would be better to use the bag. He agreed and said that it was also a good idea because his head might be too heavy for her to lift up. Lol!

You could sew this bag if you want but I was lazy and didn't want to change the thread in my sewing machine so I used hot glue instead. :)

3 1/2" x 9" piece of colored felt
2" square piece of white felt
20" piece of 1/4" wide ribbon
hot glue & glue gun

Fold the short ends of your colored felt over 1/2" and glue down just along the edge.

Fold it in half with the seams you made on the inside top. Glue the left and right sides together. 

Size the above tooth template to 2", print it out and cut along the line. Trace onto your white felt square, cut it out, and glue onto your bag.

Thread your piece of ribbon through a large plastic canvas needle (or attach a small safety pin to the end if you don't have a large enough needle). Use this to guide the ribbon through the open seam on one side then around and through the other side.

Now both ends of your ribbon should be on the same side. Tie the ends together and your special tooth fairy bag is ready to go! Have your child hang it on their doorknob outside of their door and place their lost tooth in the bag. The tooth fairy will be so happy about how much easier it is to use the bag instead of fighting with their pillow. ;)

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Carrie said...

Very exciting! Wish I would have started with the tooth fairy bag idea- one time I couldn't find the tooth under his pillow and had some explaining to do the next morning when the tooth was still there. At least the money AND the tooth were still there. His sister lost a tooth a couple of days later and the tooth fairy managed to get both teeth that night.