Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Kids Crafts

Jer had Monday off from school so I thought it would be fun to work on some Halloween crafts to decorate his room! He had a lot of fun and was really proud of his decorations. :) There are so many ideas out there but here are the four that we tried out:

He had a blast with this Haunted House Cut-out! In case you can't tell from the picture, you can close the windows and doors and let people open each one to see what is inside. I cut everything out and glued it together then told him to draw some spooky things inside. He ended up with a bat, ghosts, frankenstein, a zombie, and the dots are ghosts that are invisible so all you can see are their eyes. :) You can find the free template for this haunted house at Sarah Jane Studios.

I saw the idea for blow painting over at Raising Sparks who used them to teach kids about germs. I thought they would make cute Blown Paint Monsters for Halloween and knew that Jer would have a blast with it. Basically you just water down some non-toxic paint, put a few drops on a piece of cardstock, and blow it around with a straw. Then we attached some googly eyes to bring them to life. This project kept him entertained for almost two hours! After a couple of pages he started mixing the colors together and told me that he wants to be a scientist. :)

For the one shown above, I used finger paint since it is easily washable. On some others that he did I used acrylic paint and it turned out a lot brighter. So you can decide for yourself if you want brighter colors or easier clean up. One more thing, Raising Sparks suggests poking a hole at the top of the straw if you have children who might try to suck on the straw instead of blow.

The idea for this Magnetic Interchangeable Jack O Lantern came from Family Fun. They didn't have a template though and I didn't really have time to cut out all of the pieces anyway so I used my Silhouette to cut them out. They also suggest cutting them out of a sheet of self-adhesive magnetic paper which would be ridiculously expensive for something like this. I just cut the facial pieces out of black cardstock, cut up some of those magnetic business cards, and glued them to the back. The pumpkin is cut out of orange vinyl. All three of us have had fun playing with this one!

This Q-Tip Skeleton idea came from Crafts For All Seasons. We had a few technical difficulties with ours. I am not very good at drawing and my skull is shaped a little funny and turned out a bit small for the body. Jer also ran out of room for some of the fingers on one hand so he just attached them to the other hand. Lol! All in all it turned out pretty cute though and he had fun which is all that matters. :)

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Leslie said...

so many fun and cute projects!!! said...

Love these projects! They're so clever, and really wonderful for young children.

lisbonlioness said...

Please adopt me. I want to do all this stuff with you guys! (bought 500 qtips the other day, guess what I'll be up to soon!)

Amanda D said...

What type of glue did you use with the q-tip skeleton? It's SO cute!

Amanda D said...

What type of glue did you use with the q-tip skeleton? It's SO cute!