Friday, September 21, 2012

Dexter Party Part Three

Today is the day! The final installment of my little Dexter Party. It may doesn't even compare to the awesome Amy Lau Dexter Dining Room but I also didn't have a very big space or budget to work with. Most of this was put together using things that I had around the house! I have a few ideas that you could use to make it even better if you have the extra cash though and hopefully this post will be a starting point to inspire you to come up with even more party ideas.

To start with, I made a yarn blood splatter stand like Dexter uses during his day job as a blood splatter analyst. I also took some black garbage bags which he uses to dispose of the bodies and filled them with blankets.

Then I set up a gruesome little buffet area mixing elements from his day job as a blood splatter analyst and his alter ego the serial killer.

In Dexter's office he has some framed blood splatter prints so I decided to make a few of my own. For the blood I filled a small container with some red acrylic paint then added some brown acrylic paint to darken it. Once I got it to a shade that I liked, I mixed in some water so that it would splatter better. I took this mixture outside, put a bunch on my paintbrush and started flinging it onto thick white scrapbook paper. I did a combination of just flinging the brush at the paper to get big drops and running my finger over the brush to   get a fine spray. Then I cut strips of black paper and glued it on to make a frame. To make this look even better you could buy some square black frames that they make for record covers.

Or, if you want to go with more of the nighttime serial killer theme, you could grab some painters plastic from the hardware store. Then just splatter it with the blood paint mixture and hang it up. Find a few head shots of people and hang them on the plastic to portray the victims of the serial killer that he has caught.

I talked about my blood slide box yesterday. You could also lean the cover to a window air conditioner vent against the wall since that is where he keeps his trophy blood slide box.

To make these blood rimmed martini glasses, I took the leftover blood red gel icing and applied it to the rim of the glasses with the paintbrush. You don't want to use the red gel straight out of the tube because it is too thick and you won't be able to get the drips. Either my mixture was a bit too runny or I got overzealous and used too much of it because some of the drips continued all the way down the stem of the glass so you might want to watch that. You will also want to include straws for these drinks because the icing might get a little sticky when you try to drink out of the glass.

Yesterday I talked about Dexter's killing kit and the more expensive options if you want to put together a more accurate kit. This one only cost me $13 compared to $700 though so I can't complain. :)

For the food, I went with some delightfully gruesome Blood Splatter Cupcakes. You could also add some Blood Slide Suckers, Puff Pastry Intestines, Plasma ShootersCured Epidermis, or Adam's Ribs. Or you could go with a menu made up of only red foods which would give you tons of possibilities. You should also check out this Vampire Dinner Party which has a great menu idea complete with a few blood splatters. It also has some great inspiration if you want to go with a dark black and red theme instead of the white and red like I did.

I covered my buffet ( okay technically it is my dresser since I didn't have anywhere else to set this all up. Lol!) with some white curtains that I had laying around but a cheap white tablecloth would work just as well. Then I covered the top with a few sheets of plastic wrap like Dexter uses to tie his victims to the table. 

When our actual Halloween party rolls around, the cupcakes and martinis will be in the kitchen with the rest of the food so I am going to have some gaps to fill. I thought about getting a severed hand from the dollar store and painting each of the finger nails a different color like the Ice Truck Killer did in season one. I'm not sure yet what else I am going to do though.

If anyone else has ideas to help other people trying to plan a Dexter party, leave them in the comments section. I will keep a running list at the bottom of this post with all of the additional suggestions!

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GretchenP said...

megan have you seen this?
i'll assume so if you're as pinterest obsessed as me ;) ..but it made me think of you and all your splatter! LOVE dexter also! this theme is awesome :)

mrswhitetwigandtea said...

Totally love this for our upcoming Halloween party! Thanks for the inspiration. -Angela @ Mrs. White Twig & Tea

Megan @ said...

I saw that a couple of years ago and tried it on our door but mine didn't turn out nearly as awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed my Dexter theme. :) Our little blogging world can be a bit conservative and I was worried that it might be too much for people. I enjoyed it though. :)

Megan @ said...

You're welcome! I hope you have an awesome Halloween party!

Meream said...

This is all sorts of awesome! I LOVE DEXTER! :)

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

Oh my gosh!! This is the coolest party! I love all your extra touches - the slides and the blood splatter stand are so clever. So perfect for a halloween party! :)