Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just Ducky

I gave you all a glimpse of the bathroom makeover in my Fresh Start post but I just finished up a few more things in there and decided it was time that it got a post of it's own! It's fun and colorful like the rest of our house has been so far. Why? Because being a "grownup" is way overrated and I would much rather walk into a room and see something silly that makes me smile instead of a room that is stuffy sophisticated. :)

I started by painting the top half of the room a bright green color called Tart Apple. The ceiling and wainscoting are Ultra Pure White. Then I hung up a fun rubber ducky shower curtain from Walmart. I love that the ring holes are ducks too!

Our bathroom is really small. When I say small I don't mean it like those decorating magazines who talk about how tiny a bathroom is then you see the picture and it's the size of a small bedroom. Nope. I'm talking 5' x 7'. It's not a terrible size but storage has definitely been an issue.

When Steve (our landlord) replaced the cabinets, he used a large medicine cabinet so that helps to store some things. (I love the old school Hollywood light fixture that he used too.) We have a linen closet but I decided to use it for all of our extra toiletries, medicines, etc. I like having the towels in the bathroom instead of the hallway anyway since I tend to forget to bring one in with me. So I found this towel shelf which holds all of our towels and the rounded bottom keeps it from feeling like it is in the way.

One of the reasons that I picked the rubber ducky shower curtain is because it goes inside the tub instead of hanging on the outside so it doesn't seem to come into the rest of the room as much. The frog bath mat came from Walmart and they have a shower curtain that matches it now. I kind of like the combination of ducks and frogs though so I'm glad they didn't have it when we were shopping for one before.

When we first moved in we noticed a lot of water on the floor beside the shower. After watching to see where the water was coming from, we discovered that it was hitting the wall and then draining of the edge of the tub. Shelby went into Home Depot to find a piece of plastic or something that he could cut down to remedy the problem. When he was talking to one of the workers, he found out that this is actually a really common problem in narrow showers and they already had a product designed just for this called a Splash Guard. It's that L-shaped thing along the side of the shower next to the sink. It works amazingly well. Although the double stick tape didn't quite do the job on the top part because of the tile lines so I am still going to need to caulk around it.

I made some towel hooks using outdoor faucet handles. I saw the idea on Remodelaholic awhile back and thought it looked fun. I just unscrewed the handles from the faucet (about $2-3 each although ours rang up $.08 a piece for some reason and the cashier didn't feel like correcting it) then I spray painted them orange to match the duck's beaks and used some long wood screws to attach them to the chair rail. I love how fun and functional they are!

The only thing I need now is something decorative to go on this blank wall space. It has to be something really flat since the room is so small and anything sticking out would keep the door from opening all the way. Any suggestions? I want it to be fun and colorful as well. Links to specific designs and such would be much appreciated. If you have a blog, be sure to include your web address so I can link to you if I end up using your idea. :) 

EDIT: here is how I decorated the wall using YOUR suggestions. :) You can read more about it here.

And because you know I love a good before and after here is how it started out:

Thanks for reading and I can't wait to hear any suggestions for my blank wall! :)

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The Johnsons- Deep in the Heart of...Arkansas?!! said...

creat your own art. I love the comic book pictures you made before! do a family one!!!

Lina - Fancy Frugal Life said...

I have two cute baby bath photos framed on one of our kid bathroom walls :) I want to glue both the frames to a larger piece of wood and paint letters that say something cute like scrub a dub..What a fun ducky bethroom now! Great remodel :)