Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Colorful Living Room Makeover

You know that feeling you get after you put in your two weeks notice at work?  When you still have to go to work every day but you have a really hard time finding the motivation to actually accomplish anything because you know you won't be there much longer.  All you can think about is how much you want to go to your exciting, new job instead.

That's kind of where I am at with the house right now.  Since we will be moving soon there are a lot of things that need to be finished around here so that we can sell the place.  It's really difficult to find motivation though because we aren't going to be around to enjoy it.  Not only that but everything is getting finished just to stage it instead of the way I would do it if we were staying.

I finished the living room before we decided to move so I'm pretty happy with it.  When it comes time to stage we are just going to remove a few pieces of furniture like the coffee table and bookcase.  For now, I am enjoying our fun and colorful living room:

Here is what it looked like a year ago:

This was when we were still going for a dark, Victorian look.  As much as I love that style, we just didn't have the money to do it properly so it never looked quite right.  It was a bit depressing as well and didn't fit our personalities as much as the colorful and funky style does.

If we had known just a couple of months sooner that we would be moving we probably wouldn't have bought the new couches.  Luckily they were on a ridiculous sale so we didn't pay much for them and I guess they look nicer for staging. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for a shopping list and the list of tutorials used in this room.)

For the shelf above the tv I kept things simple and impersonal.  I saw the line "This is our happily ever after" in a cute family photo on pinterest. I can't find the link now though.  I thought it would be a nice jedi mind trick to get people thinking that they would be happy in this home. :) To make it, I just took a white canvas I had laying around, cut a stencil out of contact paper using my Silhouette (the font is called leftovers), stuck it to the canvas and painted over the stencil.

To add some color and texture, I put some green fabric leftover from the dining chairs in a couple of frames.

Our record clock hangs over the bookcase that holds all of Jeremy's books and a few blankets to curl up under. That light switch kind of drives me crazy and if the bookcase were staying I would probably come up with something to put in front of it.   

Now for the info on this room.

My Tutorials:

Shopping List:
Sofa and Loveseat - Menards
Table Lamps - IKEA
Side Tables - Meijer about 6 years ago
Rug - Target
Coffee Table - from a friend, painted in Mermaid Treasure
Pillowcase Fabric - Apples and Pears
Framed Fabric - JoAnn's

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Katalina Jewelry said...

Love the pops of color - they really make the room vibrant and full of life! The end table is really cool!

Corky Doolittle said...

Your 'after' is so much brighter and more open than the 'before'. Nice job!

I know exactly what you mean about motivation. Or the elusiveness of it. I'm in the middle of staging our house for a sale too and have been fighting back urges to dive into projects that wouldn't 'appeal to the largest market'. Stupid largest market.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Love it! I especially love the coffee table - such a great color and gives the room energy. Beautiful job!