Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Turn Yourself Into A Comic Book Character

If you have a comic book lover in your life they might enjoy a piece of artwork with them as a comic book character!  This effect can be used to blow up any image though so you can use this for any style of artwork.   I thought about putting this one in Jer's superhero room but I came up with different artwork instead so this is now decorating the "Man Cave".  

foam board from dollar tree (in the school supplies section)
graphite transfer paper - we picked this up awhile back at JoAnn's for $2 with a coupon (reg $4) - you can usually find it over by the drawing and painting supplies
fat markers
ball point pen 


I found a picture of him that I thought would work well.  This one was an excited response to a Christmas present.  :)  I used Picnik and the Infared Film effect to turn it to stark black and white.  Then I cropped the image into four equal sized sections and printed each one as a full page picture.  Then pieced them back together to make one big picture.  For the "Pow" I used one of the speech bubbles on Picnik and used  the Badaboom BB font for the lettering. 

After measuring out about a 2 1/4" border I laid down my graphite paper within that border and taped the picture down on top of it.  Using a ball point pen I traced a basic outline.  The nice thing about the graphite transfer paper is that you can reuse it a bunch of times too.


After carefully peeling away the graphite paper, I was left with an outline of the picture and just colored it all in with markers. 


For the facial dots I laid down a sheet of graph paper and used an ultra fine point orange sharpie to make dots where the lines intersect.  I just held it there for a second and let it bleed through the paper and onto my poster.  If you don't have graph paper you could easily make your own using a spreadsheet. 


You could always do it without the dots but I really think it adds to the comic book effect.

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1CardCreator said...

How cute, love how you made your own stencil too!

annaleighmcclelland said...

Super Cute idea! My daughter was Bat Girl for Halloween last year and I've been working on a photo book with pics of her in her costume. I may have to try something like this ;-)