Monday, October 31, 2011

Flesh Eating Zombies

Shelby found this cheerleader costume when we were at Goodwill and I reluctantly agreed to wear it but only if I was a flesh eating zombie cheerleader.  :)

We used burn scar makeup covered with fake blood.  It turned out great but felt really weird and made eating difficult since I could barely open my mouth and my face cracked every time I did.  It kind of felt like a facial mask and I spent the whole night fighting the urge to peel it off.  It was worth it though.  :)

I guess this one was another success because one friend said that she almost couldn't look at me because she was so creeped out.  Another time I was holding one friend's baby and talking to him and looking down at him and another friend said that she was thinking how cute it was until she remembered what I looked like and then it was really creepy.  He didn't mind though and seemed to think that the blood was funny.  Hopefully he doesn't need therapy later in life.

Shelby on the other hand was a little too into the role and kept trying to bite my neck.  

These pictures were taken in the spare bedroom/my temporary craft room.  I didn't really have any props to put in here so I just covered the bookcases with our old living room curtains and put some of our vintage books on top to hold it in place and add to the look.  You can also see a picture of Lizzie Borden up there.  We used this area as the "photo booth" so that we could get pictures of everyone in their costumes.  I forgot to ask permission to use our guest's photos though so I am only including the ones of us.

Jeremy's costume was another Goodwill find. Isn't he the cutest zombie pirate you have ever seen?  This costume was originally from Children's Place so it is really good quality unlike the polyester ones you find at Walmart. He has been wearing it almost every day since we bought it so I would definitely say that it was worth the $8.  

Monday Link Party 40

Happy Halloween!!!  I hope you all have a wonderfully dreadful day.  :)

Check out some more of my favorites from the Halloween Link Party:

Posy The Porcelain Pig threw a fabulous Hallowe'en Party complete with a fun game dating back to 16th century England.

Learn how to make this Eerie Glowing Edible Jello from Project Possessed.

I love the Creepy Soaps that I'm A Mom Not A Professional made.  I will be saving this project for next year!

I love this Life Sized Mummy that Dream Home DIY made.  Such a great and inexpensive prop.

These Ghost Brownies from Persia Lou look so cute and tasty!  :)

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party Food

Our Halloween party on Friday was a lot of fun!  It resulted in some property damage which surprisingly enough was not caused by drunk people but instead was the result of a couple of malfunctioning props and the three dogs that we had in the house.  It's not a party without some property damage though, right?  Lol!  Attendance was a little low due to the world series but we still had a great time and partied until 2am...well I guess it was around 10am if you count our overnight guest.  :)  You know it's a good party when someone drives 3 1/2 hours to attend!

I'll get to the costumes and some of the last minute decor tomorrow.  Today's post is all about the food.

I promised myself that I was going to keep things simple and only have one or two creepy foods thrown in but after putting together the creepy food collection I just couldn't help myself from trying a few more.  The brownies we actually supposed to be in the shape of coffins but I realized at the last minute that I don't have a coffin cookie cutter like I thought I did and cutting the shapes out with a knife was too much of a pain.

Some basic rice crispy treats were dressed up for the occasion with colorful Halloween sprinkles.  

A plateful of Eyeball Cake Balls.  The red gel icing was a little messy so I decided to leave out the bloodshot part this time.  I still think they are pretty fun looking.

People were a little grossed out by the Worms in Dirt (jello worms in crushed oreos).  A few brave souls tried them but no one went back for seconds.  One friend commented that "they taste good and if they were shaped like bunnies I would love them but I just can't get past the worm look".  I guess that means I did a good job?

The Intestines (cherry pastry) were slightly more popular but people were still pretty grossed out by it.  

The Blood and Bones were really popular (bread sticks and pizza sauce) so I will probably make a bigger batch next time.

The rest of the salty food was really basic: veggie tray, cheese and crackers, lil smokies in bbq sauce, and  the ever popular bacon wrapped sausages.

The drink area complete with the blood thirsty sign.  The punch dispenser was one of the props that malfunctioned.  It leaked and the red soda stained the counter top and the front of dishwasher.

So when you are planning Halloween party food do you prefer basic food that you know everyone loves or awesomely creepy food that people just might be too scared to eat?  :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Everyday Should Pop!

If you are a big cake pop fan, you should check out Everyday Should Pop!  They say that nationally each day is recognized for something and Everyday Should Pop comes up with a themed cake pop to match each of these "special" occasions.  Check out their Halloween themed cake pops:


And their Cake Pop Display

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Link Party

Sorry this is a day late!  We have been visiting family out in the boonies so my time and internet access has been limited.  I am back now though and have a ton of work to do before our party on Friday!  Eek!  For now, check out some of my favorites from the link party:

I love the look of these Spell Books from Sweetwater Style.

These Paper Pumpkins from Colours Dekor are especially great if you are into the sweeter side of Halloween.

This Spooky Mantel from Scrap Me Baby turned out great!  I love some of the names and ingredients that she used for her bottles.  "Pickled Unicorn Brains" anyone?  :)

The Crafty Scientist shared some awesome Free Halloween Printables in a variety of colors.  Perfect for easy last minute decorating.

How cute is this "Mustache" of Candy Bag from Pitter and Glink?!  Haha!  I love the candy corn paint colors too.

Thanks to everyone who has already linked up!  You can continue adding links to the party below.  If your project was featured, feel free to grab a button from my sidebar.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Mad Scientist's Room

The Mad Scientist's Room is coming along!  Here is what we have so far:

Can you guess what those creepy metal instruments are really for?

These are the guts from our antique radio that is in the dining room.  Eventually we might try to figure out a way to make it light up but there just isn't time this year.  :(

My electronics-major-husband thought that we needed some schematics so I found some free ones here.

The other wall has various creepy anatomical prints from The Graphics Fairy, printed out and coffee dyed.

What do you think?  Could a mad scientist work his evil plans in here?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mad Scientist Specimen Jars

The bookcase in the living room is where the mad scientist keeps all of his specimens and chemicals.  It still needs a little work but it is coming along.  I hung one of my creepy canvas prints above the bookcase and placed the worm hole generator beneath it...

On the top shelf is a science book from an antique store, skull from Walgreens, and various bottles (the rounded one is from Michaels, the tall one from JoAnn's and the little ones are from a surplus store).  I tried using glow stick fluid in the bottles diluted with water like I saw over at Crafty Mommy and Me.  It only works with a black light though so I guess I will need to pick up a few that I can mount underneath each shelf.  If you are going to use glow stick fluid in your bottles, make sure you are wearing paint clothes because it will stain.

The second shelf has some beakers, bottles and petri dishes from the surplus store.  I tried just putting the entire glow stick in the beakers but the effect isn't that great.  We will probably also build a test tube rack to hold some of the test tubes leftover from the vampire killing kit.

The bottom shelf holds the specimen jars including a brain that I made.  Using the jello mold from last year, I lined it with plastic wrap and filled it up with spray insulation foam like the bubbling cauldron.  Once it was dry, I pulled it out of the mold and cut it down to a size that would fit in my jar.

Using model magic, I rolled it into a snake and then just wrapped it all around my mold.  I should have had a line down the middle so that the brain is separated into two halves but I wasn't paying enough attention to what I was doing I guess.  Then I let it dry overnight.

I painted in the grooves with dark red acrylic paint.  Then I added labels to all of the specimen jars using the names and locations of the guys who work for my husband.  :)  

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brooklyn Limestone

Another amazing source of Halloween inspiration is Brooklyn Limestone.  A few weeks ago I contacted "Mrs. Limestone" and asked if she would consider doing a Halloween themed guest post.  I figured it was a long-shot and that I wouldn't even get a response.  She promptly responded and although she was too busy this time of year to write up a guest post (which I expected) she was still awesome and gave me permission to use her photos for a feature post!  

She has some of the most amazing parties.  I love the themes that she puts together and how her invites, decor, food and costumes all work together in that theme...  

Spider Infestation

I love all of the labels and posters that she comes up with!  She also has amazingly creepy food displays.  Here are just a couple...

Eyeball Caprese, Mummy Meat Head Platter & More!

As if all of that weren't enough, check out some of these invitations:

Creature Survival Kit Invite

I can't wait to see what she comes up with this year!  For more inspiration head over to Brooklyn Limestone.