Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dry Erase Calendar

I have printed calendars but I tend to change things all the time so I decided that a dry erase calendar would be easier.  I didn't want to spend the money on one though and I wanted it to be large enough to do two months at a time so I made my own using an extra dry erase board that we already had.

I use mine to schedule out blog posts so that I stay motivated and make sure that there is a variety of posts on the blog.  It often changes based on which projects work out and which are flops, and what supplies I have on hand but it helps to be able to glance at it and have ideas for what to make when I have some free time.  I also have colored x's under each title so I know right away which ones still need to be made, which have been made but need a post written, and which has been written and is ready in the queue.

You could use it as a family calendar or menu planner though.  :)

I just used a yard stick and a black Sharpie to make the grid.  Each box is 3"x3" but yours may vary based on the size of your white board.  If needed you can clean the board with a wet paper towel but the dry erase board cleaner will make the Sharpie smear really bad.  There might be other permanent markers that work better though. 


sarah jane said...

A really good idea for blog posting - thanks for sharing:)

marissa said...

great idea i love that you have two calendars I think that's why I always abandoned the dry erase ones that I tried out!