Thursday, November 10, 2011

Decor Hacks

I recently came across an amazing site!  I'm sure most of you discovered it a long time ago but in case you haven't, let me introduce you to Decor Hacks.  As soon as I opened up their page I was in love and spent over an hour browsing their archives.  I just love how everything is so bright, colorful and FUN!  Most of the ideas are a bit too crazy for our house since we will be putting it on the market next year but I will definitely try some of these projects in our next house!

Some of my favorites are the unusual (and inexpensive!) floor treatments:

This would be so fun in a game room and you can use any color scheme you want.

This is such a great, inexpensive way to spruce up ugly, old vinyl flooring.

I LOVE this floor!  I doubt that my husband would love it as much as I do but I could use it in my craft room or something.  :)

This is such a fun idea and I love the quirky, eclectic look.  The fabric is great too.

Vinyl wall lettering has been done to death but this thumbtack version puts a great new spin on it.  

If their ideas are a little too crazy for you, it would be easy to tame them down just by using different color schemes.  For me though, the bright color choices are a large part of why I find them so inspiring.  So if you have some time to kill - head over to Decor Hacks.  You won't be disappointed!

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Jessica @ My World - Made By Hand said...

Umm NO...I have not seen it yet...and YES...I am now in love with it too! I'm so going to do that glitter floor! I don't know where but I'll find a spot! Wonder if the hubby would mind a glitter garage floor? Hmmm...

Mrs. Adventure said...

Awesome site, thanks for sharing. I've seen the mix-matched chair bench idea before but never as pretty as her's I want to make one NOW :o).

KatBell said...

What brilliant ideas. I love the chair into bench idea. I wish I could use some of these ideas. My new house is very tradional and beige. It's beautiful, with lots of fantastic moulding etc, but very ummmm beige. All our floors are hardwood that are finished dark and shiny so no cool painted floor for me. On the bright side, my fav color is orange so I do have orange accessories! :)