Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party Food

Our Halloween party on Friday was a lot of fun!  It resulted in some property damage which surprisingly enough was not caused by drunk people but instead was the result of a couple of malfunctioning props and the three dogs that we had in the house.  It's not a party without some property damage though, right?  Lol!  Attendance was a little low due to the world series but we still had a great time and partied until 2am...well I guess it was around 10am if you count our overnight guest.  :)  You know it's a good party when someone drives 3 1/2 hours to attend!

I'll get to the costumes and some of the last minute decor tomorrow.  Today's post is all about the food.

I promised myself that I was going to keep things simple and only have one or two creepy foods thrown in but after putting together the creepy food collection I just couldn't help myself from trying a few more.  The brownies we actually supposed to be in the shape of coffins but I realized at the last minute that I don't have a coffin cookie cutter like I thought I did and cutting the shapes out with a knife was too much of a pain.

Some basic rice crispy treats were dressed up for the occasion with colorful Halloween sprinkles.  

A plateful of Eyeball Cake Balls.  The red gel icing was a little messy so I decided to leave out the bloodshot part this time.  I still think they are pretty fun looking.

People were a little grossed out by the Worms in Dirt (jello worms in crushed oreos).  A few brave souls tried them but no one went back for seconds.  One friend commented that "they taste good and if they were shaped like bunnies I would love them but I just can't get past the worm look".  I guess that means I did a good job?

The Intestines (cherry pastry) were slightly more popular but people were still pretty grossed out by it.  

The Blood and Bones were really popular (bread sticks and pizza sauce) so I will probably make a bigger batch next time.

The rest of the salty food was really basic: veggie tray, cheese and crackers, lil smokies in bbq sauce, and  the ever popular bacon wrapped sausages.

The drink area complete with the blood thirsty sign.  The punch dispenser was one of the props that malfunctioned.  It leaked and the red soda stained the counter top and the front of dishwasher.

So when you are planning Halloween party food do you prefer basic food that you know everyone loves or awesomely creepy food that people just might be too scared to eat?  :)

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Kei said...

All those food pictures have made me hungry...!

Two Dollars said...

such wussy friends ;)

ChRiS said...

i noticed you have a 3 container crock pot type appliance, i have put off buying 1 due to i would only use it maybe 2 times a you like yours? and how much do you think ea container holds? btw i would have starved LOL but u did a super job!!!!

RavenAntonia said...

@ Chris~Actually that looks like the warming bin system for buffet. I could be wrong, but I bought the black 3 crock pot for 34 bucks at Wal-Mart and I love it. I actually think I will use it more. I can premix bags for each bin so there is a meat and 2 kind of deal for the family nightly.