Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guest Post from Creepy Cupcakes

Greetings, y'all! My name is Carrie Mae and I maintain a blog called CreepyCupcakes (Life & Times of a Happy Halloween Homemaker). With unintentional irony, I must admit that it has very little to do with cupcakes, although I do love to bake!

The more fall-flavored or creepy, the more I love it. One of my favorite blog-related topics is food, and I'm down for making just about any and everything--whenever I can, I tie it back in to Halloween because that's how I roll, Witches.

This holds true year-round; you can't limit your spooky to just October!

Halloween Treat people pop tart pies

Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate

 What my blog actually started out as was my wedding-planning outlet. True story: I got married on Halloween in 2009. Outside. In the rain. In the cold. With costumes and skulls and spiders and candy and stuff (!). To an abnormally normal husband who supports me fully in my Halloween obsession.

  Halloween Wedding

Getting ready for the wedding provided me with the perfect excuse to plan a big Halloween party, and gave me the motivation to make many elegantly-spooky props and projects (most of which I shared on my blog):

I'm still blogging my love of year-round creepiness, baking every morsel of haunted chic that I can into my everyday life. Sharing it with all the boos and ghouls out there and meeting fantastic folks like Megan here at Polish the Stars brings a maniacal grin to my face.

Happy Hauntings, y'all!

I hope you all enjoyed our visit from Carrie Mae!  I have been stalking reading her blog for years now.  Starting long before I had a blog of my own.  Creepy Cupcakes is one of my all-time favorite sites for haunted inspiration.  I hope you will head on over to check out the rest of the CreepyCupcakes blog!


wicKED said...

Great post by Creepy Cupcake! Really like that poisoned cupcake sign.

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Oh great ideas. I love the cupcake sign!