Monday, October 31, 2011

Flesh Eating Zombies

Shelby found this cheerleader costume when we were at Goodwill and I reluctantly agreed to wear it but only if I was a flesh eating zombie cheerleader.  :)

We used burn scar makeup covered with fake blood.  It turned out great but felt really weird and made eating difficult since I could barely open my mouth and my face cracked every time I did.  It kind of felt like a facial mask and I spent the whole night fighting the urge to peel it off.  It was worth it though.  :)

I guess this one was another success because one friend said that she almost couldn't look at me because she was so creeped out.  Another time I was holding one friend's baby and talking to him and looking down at him and another friend said that she was thinking how cute it was until she remembered what I looked like and then it was really creepy.  He didn't mind though and seemed to think that the blood was funny.  Hopefully he doesn't need therapy later in life.

Shelby on the other hand was a little too into the role and kept trying to bite my neck.  

These pictures were taken in the spare bedroom/my temporary craft room.  I didn't really have any props to put in here so I just covered the bookcases with our old living room curtains and put some of our vintage books on top to hold it in place and add to the look.  You can also see a picture of Lizzie Borden up there.  We used this area as the "photo booth" so that we could get pictures of everyone in their costumes.  I forgot to ask permission to use our guest's photos though so I am only including the ones of us.

Jeremy's costume was another Goodwill find. Isn't he the cutest zombie pirate you have ever seen?  This costume was originally from Children's Place so it is really good quality unlike the polyester ones you find at Walmart. He has been wearing it almost every day since we bought it so I would definitely say that it was worth the $8.

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The Answer Is Chocolate said...

EEEEK! Very realistic looking!

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Awesome costumes! Love the backdrop for the photos too :) GREAT job!!

lisbonlioness said...

... gave her mother 40 whacks. You guys look SO COOL! And Jeremy must be the best pirate ever, no doubt about it. Arr, matey!

Simply Me said...

Great photos! It looks like you had fun! Beautiful dog :)