Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog Swap with Davis Domestications

Hi! I'm Nicole from Davis Domestications and I am so excited to be a guest of Polish the Stars! I've been stalking reading her blog since I started blogging. ;)  As a teen I remember hanging real flowers from my ceiling and I loved it. I'd lay in bed and just look up at the flowers dangling above me. Even as they dried out they were pretty.  Fast forward years later...once I found out I was having a girl, I knew exactly what I was going to do above her crib.  You guessed it. This is what it looked like for a while. But it just wasn't "right" in my mind. It needed something else, it needed more color. I just had to wait and wait and wait for Garden Ridge to put their Spring flowers on clearance. (Nice fake flowers can be really expensive and I needed a bunch.) I was getting really ancy because the sale was a month earlier last year.  Silly, right?!?

This is what I came home with. I hoped they had more yellows but I got what I could. Not bad for $5. :)
All you do is take some wire cutters (or scissors for real flowers) and cut the flower to the length that you want it. Mine are anywhere from 8"-18" long.

Then you make a cut at an angle in the stem about 1/2 " from the base of the stem going towards the base. That way the fishing line won't come out. (Don't cut all the way though, just to the center.)
The fake flowers can be tough because of the wire in the stem, so just cut to the wire. You'll be fine.
  Take about a foot of fishing line knot the ends together, making a loop. Hook the stem onto the line.
Tape the knotted part of the fishing line to the ceiling.
Then tack it into place. (If using real flowers you only need to tape them, since they're so light)
Look up and enjoy!

What do you think? Think it looks better than before, or is it too much?
If you do your own take on this, I'd love to see it! Thank you for spending time with me! ;) I'd ♥ it if you stopped by to see what else Davis Domestications is about. "Furniture Face-lifts" like this buffet are what I try to to most, but that all depends on what life is dishing out.
I am a kind of gal who loves to organize and have a place for everything. 
No Baggie Mess ( it cracks me up that this is one of the most viewed posts)
I love baking/cooking, especially from scratch. 
These amazing PB cookies were a hit with my "I don't have a sweet tooth" hubby. ;)
Thank you so much, Megan, for having me as a Guest! This was fun! 

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AnJayla said...

How beautiful!! The colors of the flowers are so pretty! Thank you for sharing.