Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hot Mess

Every time I watch an interior decorating show I am amazed by the outfits that people wear while they are painting. I mean, I know that they want to look nice for tv but who really wears a brand new outfit to paint the living room? TV personalities aren't the only people who do this, either. I have even seen bloggers who do it too! As if we don't already feel inadequate enough while looking at these picture-perfect homes; now they have to go and take pictures of themselves working on these projects while looking like a GAP ad.
I don't know about you but THIS is what I look like when I am painting.

A bandanna on my head because somehow I always manage to dip my hair in the paint. An old t-shirt. And some old jeans from the early post-pregnancy days. They are now two sizes too big and do this funky bunching thing when I tighten my belt. They used to be a dark wash but they were my favorite jeans for a long time and have been washed so many times that they are now extremely faded. The knees ripped out of them long ago and the thighs are becoming thread bare.

It's kind of fun to look at the paint from all of the different projects that I have done. You can see the lime green paint from the basement, black from the dining table, the white kitchen cabinet paint, and I know there is some mossy green from my Mom's sewing room hidden under one of those layers.
Sure, I could wipe my hands on a rag but my jeans are just so much easier! Besides I'm just going to accidentally splatter paint on them somehow anyway so what's the point? Maybe my clumsiness is why I have to wear grungy paint clothes and other people get to wear something cute? Whoa! Insight.

Oh! I can't forget about my ol' Chucks!

They have seen better days. I finally had to retire them from every day wear about a year ago but I still can't bear to let them go completely so they have become my trusty work shoes. I wear them to paint, do yard work and sometimes to clean the house. I can't just toss out my old friends!

I don't know what it is about my Chucks but I have a small attachment to them. I have kept every single pair I have ever owned no matter what condition they are in. They are pretty much the only shoes I wear other than my pair of ballet flats that I have for dresses. Although most of the time I wear Chucks with skirts anyway.

We even have this picture hanging above our TV. It is of my husband and I in our Chucks hanging out by the river. Like I said, just a small attachment.
Wait. This post wasn't supposed to be about my love of Chuck Taylors. What was my point again? Oh yeah!
So tell you look like a model when you are painting? Or are you a hot mess like me? Inquiring minds want to know!
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Mikalah said...

Haha, I have often wondered the same thing! I suspect though that the people who look all fashionable aren't really the ones doing the grunt work... I have to wear nasty old paint clothes too, and usually borrow jeans from my husband! So yeah, baggy jeans, old t-shirt, I'm definitely not going to win any fashion awards.

Ghoulie Girls said...

Those Chucks are a piece of art! I can totally see why you would have a photo of them above the tv. Thanks for keeping it real!

Sy and Shaunna said...

hot mess all the way. i have a tee shirt and a pair of shorts that have about 10 years of painting all over them. it's awesome!

Kristin said...

But you still look cute!!!

Cmurph said...

im definitely a hot mess when i am painting :)

Midassa said...

Oh, a hot mess, of course! When I did community theater, I learned VERY early on that paint and other strange things would end up on my clothes, so I kept an outfit just for painting. It was actually fun to sit with the others and point out old paint stains and remember what shows they were from!

Mantan Calaveras said...

I had the misfortune of watching home and garden in a dentists office, and noticed how ridiculous the people all looked in their designer clothing.

My guess, is that the producers go up to people and send them to wardrobe to be stuffed into some ludicrous apparel.