Thursday, August 4, 2011

Customized Navigation Bar Using Links

I already shared how to create a Customized Navigation Bar Using Pages now I'm going to show you how to make one using links. This type of navigation bar is handy if you would like for the tabs to link to a post instead of a page, a different website entirely like Facebook, and/or if you want it to bring up all posts with a certain label. Don't worry it's just as easy as the other kind!

1. First you want to gather your links. If you want to link to all post with a certain label you need to make sure that all of the posts you want included have that label. So when you are creating a new post enter your specific labels at the bottom.

2. Go to one of your published posts with that label and scroll to the bottom of the post. Click the label that you are wanting to link to.

3. Clinking that link will bring up a new page. Copy the URL at the top of that page.

4. Once you have all of your links ready it is time to create your navigation bar. Go to your dashboard and click on the Design tab and Page Elements. Click Add a Gadget in the middle just under your header and scroll down until you find Link List.

5. Leave the Title spot blank. Enter your URL and the Name that you would like to appear in your navigation bar. Click Add Link and continue adding your links. It is helpful to have one that links back to your home page so that people can get back to where they started.

6. If you are adding tabs that direct to a post label you can enter that url here like any other link.

7. Continue adding all of your links then use the arrows to arrange them in the order that you would like for them to appear.

8. Just like the other navigation bar; you can change the look by going to the Blogger Template Designer, advanced options, and tabs text. Then you can change the font, size and color to compliment the look of your blog.

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