Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Basement Remodel Part Three: Painted Floors

The floors are done! I'm so excited! Just a few more hours and we will be able to start moving things back downstairs so that the main level of the house won't look like an episode of Hoarders anymore.

We also painted the other half of the basement because once you mix the paint together it is only good for 16 hours and we didn't want to waste the paint and have to buy another box later. Even though we just refinished my craft room last July, we decided to go back and refinish the same way as the rest of the basement. So we pulled up the carpet and painted the floor in there too. We are also going to pull out the ceiling that we put up and just paint it white like the rest. Hopefully this will make it all flow together better and make the ceiling seem a little bit higher.
Alright, back to the floors. I'm getting tired of this remodeling project and just wanted to get the floors done with so I was a slacker and didn't take any photos during the process. It was pretty simple though.
We started out by picking up some garage floor paint and while we were watching the instructional dvd we realized that they had a kit designed specifically for basement floors. It turns out that it is much easier to use than the garage stuff. You just mop the floors, paint them like you would a wall and then sprinkle on the little paint chips (if you want).

I have never been able to find a good way to get the dirty water off of the floor when mopping or scrubbing. The basement was particularly difficult since it had so many years of yuck built up. After working on it for a couple of hours I called Shelby and asked him to pick up a wet/dry vac on the way home. It worked so much better than trying to soak up the dirty water with rags! I just scrubbed the floor and Shelby sucked up the dirty water with the wet vac.
Painting the floors was simple and only took a couple of hours. It was ready for light foot traffic in 8 hours and heavy foot traffic and moving things back down in 24 hours. It looks so much better now! I really like looking at the Before picture again whenever we finish a step to see what a huge difference it made so here it is again:

We still have a long way to go but at least that is one more thing to check off the list!
Basement Remodel Checklist:
paint ceiling
replace light fixtures
seal leaks
prime walls
paint walls
paint floors
stop drafts
build wall around fuse box
paint new wall
build backs for stairs
paint stairs
install light fixture at top of stairs
paint stairwell
box in the floor jacks
repair one of the floor joists
move everything back downstairs
There is more stuff to do in the other half of the basement that isn't on this list but for now I am just focusing on the main room.
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Sound Schooling said...

It's turning out fine. I hadn't previously heard of chipped paint that could be sprinkled so it's something I'll keep in mind. It looks pro btw. I homeschool my children and I'd love to have space like this for our classroom.

Mikalah said...

Nice work! I love looking at "Before" pictures too and comparing. =) So fun! That's awesome that the wet/dry vac worked so well. I will have to remember that for future reference!