Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cheapo Curtain Rod Finials

When we decided to brighten things up in the living room, one of the first things to go were the dark burgundy curtains. I love them but they made the room a bit dark and depressing.

So I picked up some basic white curtains at Target and when I put them up I realized that the scroll curtain rod ends needed to go. They don't really fit with the new style and I never really liked them anyway. They were way too small for such large windows.

I was too cheap to pay $10 a pair for new ones so I decided to make my own! I picked up these 1-1/4" Head Beads in the wood section at the craft store and spray painted them black.

They fit perfectly on one end and for the smaller end I used a small piece of the caulking cord that we had laying around in the basement. It's the same stuff I used to secure the curtain rods. I just wrapped a piece around the end of the rod and slid the curtain rod end on over it.

I really like the simplicity of them. Even more than that, I love the price! For three pairs, I paid a total of $2 instead of $30!
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Pattie said...

Great rods!!!! I am impressed! Thanks for sharing. 8>)

Mikalah said...

Nice work! It looks much better, and I love that you only spent $2!

Sarah said...

ooooo! nice job, and cheap to boot!

Megan said...

Very nice! I've been looking for ideas for curtain rods for my bedroom.

Crazysuds said...

Any Ideas on finials that would fit 3/4" conduit?