Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Organization Challenge Day 3 - Tupperware Cabinet

Sooo...I didn't participate in the Challenge for Day 2. I know - two days in and I'm already slacking. Actually it was because the challenge was for the computer desk and I don't have one. Just my laptop on the coffee table, kitchen counter, dining table, etc.

I could have chosen a different surface but instead I spent the day going through every cabinet in my kitchen and I have a lot of them! So many in fact that most of them don't even hold cooking items.

This kitchen was one of the main reasons we bought the house. And one of these days I will finish painting the bottom cabinets - hopefully before we are getting it ready to sell.

Anyway, it just so happens that my little project yesterday coincides with today's challenge: the tupperware cabinet!

As you can see, I don't have much in the way of tupperware. I just collect the lunch meat containers. They are a great size and since they are all identical they stack easily. I pulled out the epsom salt that never should have been in there, the popsicle maker that doesn't work, and the black napkins left over from Halloween. Then I just rearranged and stacked what was left.

This was originally my cleaning supply cabinet but it has somehow become the junk cabinet. I suppose I should have shown this cabinet on the challenge for day one. I pulled everything out, put the cleaning supplies all on the top shelf, and separated the dog items, batteries, etc. into groups and put them in plastic shoe boxes.

I also pulled out all of these random items that had ended up in there and didn't belong.

This cabinet wasn't too bad. Just used a plastic shoe box to hold all of the loose cake decorating supplies that kept toppling over, disposed of a few unnecessary items, and it was done.

The light bulb cabinet was a death trap. Something would move every time I opened the door and I would have to try and catch light bulbs before they hit the ground. The bulbs in plastic wrappers that are difficult to stack are separated into a couple more of those handy dandy shoe boxes (they are such a great size and only a buck - I can't help but use them everywhere!). The boxed bulbs are just stacked.

Our lazy susan broke several months ago and since it was so difficult to move, it got to the point where I would just throw things in there. I pulled everything out and talked Shelby into fixing it. You know...because it is already emptied out for cleaning...so we may as well fix it now. He agreed and after about twenty minutes and a few choice words - it was fixed! (Thank you Sweetie!)

After that was taken care of, everything got pulled out, a few things thrown away, and the remaining items stacked neatly or moved to other cabinets.

The drawers were also a disaster. I pulled everything out and replaced the useless liner that kept bunching up with some white contact paper that I had on hand. I went through everything and threw out some items I didn't even know were in there like lids to coffee mugs we no long have, the power cord to the deep fryer we threw out a year ago...you know, useful stuff. I replaced the items I use regularly and moved the less frequently used items in the second drawer.

The second drawer got the same clean out and lining. Then I filled it with the lesser used items.

The only makeover the utensil drawer got was the liner. I use dividers that I picked up at dollar tree. I really like them because the are cheap and you can use varying sizes to make the perfect fit for your drawer. Plus we do things casual buffet style here so when people come over I can just pull out the basket(s) that we need for the meal and set them next to the stack of plates.

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Debbie K (aka Midnight Rambler) said...

Very nice! Wish I had all those cupboards and counter space! :o)

Jennifer said...

Nice Job!!! I had to laugh when I saw your silverware solution - I do the exact same thing because I couldn't find a drawer organizer that I liked and / or would fit in my silverware drawer. I LOVE Dollar stores for organizational stuff like that.

cathy said...

I like your kitchen. I did notice that you have white napkins in the tupperware cabinet and above the stove. I see you keep dish soap and paper towels by the sink. Do you keep a sponge inside the sink or on the sink edge? Do you store a scrub brush or bottle brush anywhere? I am bothered by my sink area and wondering how others organize.