Sunday, January 9, 2011

Living Room Makeover

In this post I told you that I didn't want to show you a full shot of our living room because it was so bad. Well the time has finally come.

This is what I was hiding from you:

As you can see, nothing matched. The photo actually makes it look better than it really was. Trust me, the colors were off. I had plans to reupholster the furniture and make pillows that coordinated. Yesterday I wrote about my failed attempt at upholstering the sofa.

The more we considered the changes that needed to be made, the more I realized that I hated the armchairs. They were too formal and the footstools were always in the way but the chairs were uncomfortable without them. Plus I certainly was not going to attempt another upholstery project.

So we sold the chairs and gave the whole room a makeover.

We picked up a love seat for $25 through craigslist and got matching slipcovers from Target. They were pricey but still much cheaper than brand new furniture that we will just be selling in a couple of years when we move.

Coffee table also from Target. Rug from Home Depot.

Yes - the walls are blue. They were supposed to be gray with a very slight blue tint but they only come close to that at night. During the day they are very blue. Again, we are planning to sell the house which means I will probably be painting them some shade of beige a year from now so I don't feel like bothering with the paint right now.

Matching TV stand also from Target. It works much better than the buffet we were using and makes the room feel bigger since it is shorter and not as wide. The buffet is now in the kitchen. Since this picture was taken we have added a shelf over the TV to fill up that wall and cover the thermostat. It still needs a little tweaking though.

We picked up a couple of table lamps at Goodwill. I spray painted them black and picked up new lamp shades.

That is about it so far. Everything in here was paid for by selling other items through craigslist. I still need to do something about the throw pillows but that is an easy change.

I love how cozy this room is now. Even though there is more furniture in here, it still seems bigger and more inviting.

I have a confession to make though....I'm already thinking about changes that I would like to make. I think I have Decorating ADD. Is there some kind of medication or support group for that?

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A Little McD said...

Blue paint is SO tricky! We have a 2 story foyer that we had to hire professionals to paint b/c it was too high for us to reach. I was trying for a grayish with a hint of blue as well...and mine turned out the same as yours. Since we can't afford to repaint it, I just remind myself that at least it's an improvement from what it was before, even if it's not what I had envisioned!

Angela McInnis said...

Megan, You are off to a great start...I agree with A Little McD, that blue walls are difficult. Try to "ignore" for the time being and enjoy the furniture "redo"!

Revamped French Maison said...

Megan I like your blueish walls with the red and black. Just find some fabric for your throw pillows that picks up all the colors in your room and it'll look fantastic! I'm partial to damask that's the pattern I would use for the pillows and maybe make a couple of simple throws for each sofa. Otherwise don't be to hard on your LR it's not bad at all! It's got that gothy look which I really like despite my love of white, pink, shabby, french and griege right now. lol.

Red Couch Recipes said...

What a great makeover -- love that you sold to get your new stuff. Joni