Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coming Soon: CSN Stores Review

I was just contacted by CSN Stores and asked to do a review! They have over 200 online stores to shop from and I'm so excited that I can't decide what to pick!

I checked out their Modern Duvet Covers like this beautiful gray and white one:

But I'm also considering getting something that will fit in at our next house - which by the way will be going back to our retro roots. It's going to be fun, funky and blindingly colorful! :)

I found a bunch of awesome retro items like this Strawberry Apron:

And will you forever question my decorating skills if I tell you how adorable I think these Black Flamingos are?

I also really like this Kitchen Timer that looks like an old scale:

This Spot Light Alarm Clock is pretty nifty too:

A vintage-looking Table Fan would be stylish and functional:

Although I think this Kit-Cat Clock just might be my favorite of all:

I can't decide though! Which do you like best?

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GretchenP said...

the cat! the cat! :)
wow how lucky! have fun!! :)

annetta said...

Torn between the cat and the fan........

Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

Love the timer that looks like a kitchen scale. I collect kitchen scales so that would be my pick!