Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dry Ice Effects

When I showed you my Bloody Drink Labels and Sign I mentioned that we were going to have a punch bowl with dry ice. Yesterday we picked some up so that we could experiment with it before the party!

Dry Ice Basics
  • Dry ice is extremely cold (-109F).
  • Wear heavy gloves or use ice tongs when handling to prevent frostbite.
  • Do not put directly into drinks. Accidental ingestion is extremely dangerous.
  • Use only in metal or plastic containers. Glass will shatter.
  • Dry ice is Solid Carbon Dioxide. Standing directly over a large amount for an extended period of time can cause you to become light headed.
  • Mixing dry ice with hot water will give you a longer lasting effect than cold water.
  • Store a large chunk in a tightly sealed cooler and it should last for up to two days. It will not keep as long in a freezer due to the oxygen that is let in when you open the door.
  • Some stores carry dry ice just for Halloween. You can find a directory of places that carry dry ice year-round HERE.
Creepy Punch Bowl

Fill a large plastic punch bowl with the beverage that you will be serving. Place a tall skinny cylinder made of metal or plastic in the middle. Make sure that it is at least slightly taller than the punch bowl so that your drink doesn't pour into the dry ice container. We used the bottom half of an old martini shaker that is about 5-1/2" tall. Fill this container slightly more than half-way with hot water.

Wearing heavy gloves, carefully drop a large chunk of dry ice into your metal container.

I love the effect that made! This turned out to be a great way to get the effect that we were wanting while still being safe so we don't have to worry about small chunks breaking off and ending up in someone's glass.

The big fog dissipates after about five minutes after which you will have this errie haze for about another twenty minutes. At that point you will want to put the gloves back on, carefully remove the metal container and begin again with hot water and more dry ice.

Glowing Tonic

You have probably heard by now that Tonic Water glows under black light. We decided to experiment with this and put warm tonic water in the middle container with the dry ice instead of regular water. Hang the black light above the punch bowl instead of behind it to achieve the best effect.

The dry ice causes the tonic water to bubble over into the rest of the punch bowl, giving it all an awesome glow. This would work even better if you fill the entire punch bowl and middle container with tonic water. Set a bottle of gin next to it and you're ready to go!

Red Potion

For this one we placed a small chunk of dry ice in a small salsa bowl. Then we mixed about 1/3 cup warm water and 30 drops of red food coloring in a small cup and poured it over the dry ice.

We didn't get the red fog that we were hoping for but we did end up with these cool red bubbles. It was a fun and unexpected result! The food coloring will splatter a bit so make sure that you cover the surface that it is sitting on.
Bubbling Fog

For this one we took another small salsa bowl, placed it in a roasting pan (to catch the bubbles), and filled the bowl with warm water and 1-2 Tbsp liquid dish soap.

Drop in a small chunk of dry ice and watch it bubble. I plan to use this in one of our pumpkins outside so that it pukes bubbles! Mwuhahaha!

Add more water if you would like to change the size and consistency of your bubbles.

The bubbles are full of fog and when they pop they make this fun haze.

Being careful to stay away from the area directly next to the dry ice, you can even grab a handful of bubbles and squeeze them to release the fog. My son thought this trick was awesome!
The Grand Finale

After all of our experiments we still had this large chunk of dry ice left so we just dumped it into a large bucket of hot water.

It was pretty impressive and created this really cool low lying fog. It not only covered our entire kitchen floor but went all the way through the dining room and into the living room! I don't recommend using this indoors though. It made the floors a little slippery. It would make an amazing effect for a backyard cemetary though!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Minute Halloween Inspiration

Have you checked out the Halloween Link Party lately? 171 amazing and inspiring links! Thank you all for making this Halloween Party even better than I imagined! :)

I thought I would feature a few awesome projects that seem to be really quick and easy for last-minute additions. I am already behind on my Halloween Party to-do list but I think I may have to add some of these to the list anyway!

Through My Looking Glass made this Bubbling Cauldron as well as....

....this amazing Spell Book.

Red Couch Recipes made these fun Candy Corn Swirl Cookies...

....and these Spicy Pumpkin Cookies

The House of Healy turned her front porch into the entrance to a fabulous Witch's Inn...

....complete with a garden for all of your potion brewing needs!

I hope you all have been as inspired by the link party as I have been! If your project was featured, you are welcome to grab a feature button from my sidebar. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Large Spiderweb

This awesome spiderweb by Sew Woodsy inspired me to make a similar one myself:

Using Sew Woodsy's instructions and string leftover from my Toe Tag Invites I made a 6" circle out of a piece of string. Then tied on the five strings that attach to the walls. I tied the ends of the five strings around small nails and nailed the basic structure to the wall. I used this base to build the other circles of the web. Once I had a basic spiderweb built, I covered it with fake cobwebs and attached plastic spiders.

It filled up the blank corner in the living room and I love the shadow that it casts on the wall and ceiling!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reader Inspired

I thought I would do this Halloween Link Party feature a little differently and share a few links that inspired me to try them for myself!

Muse Lodge shared this awesome bloody window:

I had to try it on our storm door:

Sourkraut Krafts shared these creepy custom candles:

I wanted to use battery operated tea lights plus I was out of tissue paper so I ended up printing my images on regular paper, wrapping them around glass votive holders, and taping the ends of the paper together in the back.

Mod Vintage Life made these cute ghosts under glass.

Mine doesn't look nearly as good but it's still pretty cute:

Cheapskate 4 Life shared these adorable mummy candy holders:

I made one by wrapping cheesecloth around a dollar tree candle holder and securing in the back with a straight pin. Then I just tucked wiggle eyes under the cheese cloth:

This also inspired me to wrap cheesecloth around glass votive holders:

Feel free to grab a button from my sidebar if your project was featured!

Vampire Teeth Placecard Holders

I got the idea for these here at Creepy Cupcakes. If you haven't visited her blog - go now! Carrie Mae always has amazing and inspiring creepy projects to share.

I started with these plastic vampire fangs that I got at Target for 8/$1. Just a dab of hot glue in the corners keeps them in an upright position.

Then I spray painted them all black and allowed them to dry. I printed out some placecards with gruesome names for the foods we will be serving at the party along with the actual name of the food underneath. Finally, I added some "blood splatters" using red tempra paint.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Creepy Mice with Glowing Eyes

I saw an idea for something like this in BHG's Halloween issue and tweaked it a little. All you need is a piece of cardboard cut into the shape of a mouse with a hole for the eye and a battery operated tea light candle with the flame removed (use needle nose pliers).

I just hot glued the tealight onto the back with the bulb poking through the eye hole. Then I hot glued an extra piece of cardboard on so that my mouse can stand up.

Turn the tealight on and you have a creepy mouse with a glowing eye.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thank You's and Features

I didn't have a chance to do any crafting today so I am taking some time to catch up on other blog things like saying "thank you" to my super sweet, fellow bloggers!

On Becoming Wise gave me a fun new award and blogged about a project that I helped her with. I will post more details about the process when I am done with all of my Halloween projects. :)

Big K, little a gave me some fun awards. I was hoping to pass them along to others but it has already been a week and I still haven't had the chance so I wanted to at least publicly thank Katrina for giving them to me!

Thank you all for your kind words. I'm so happy that you enjoy my blog!

Now, to share the are a few awesome Halloween Link Party features for you:

Betty Crocker Wannabe shared these adorable and mouth-watering Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pumpkins.

I'm generally not a big fan of pet costumes but this KISS Costume from Muse Lodge is so freakin' awesome I will make an exception. :)

Thank you all for linking up to my Halloween Party!

You are welcome to grab a button from my sidebar if you were featured. :)

Now I am off to try and catch up on my Google Reader...