Monday, April 26, 2010

Now I Know My ABC's...

Today I started working with Jeremy on letter recognition. Here are a few projects I made to help him along.

First, is an incentive chart!

Supplies Needed:
White Posterboard
Colored Cardstock or Construction Paper
Glue Stick
Circle Stencil

Using something circular (I used a circle cookie cutter but a drinking glass would also work) trace 26 circles onto different colored paper.

Cut them out and glue onto the posterboard in the form of a path. At regular intervals, glue a picture of a reward your child will get once they have mastered those letters!

Uppercase/Lowercase Puzzle

Supplies Needed:
Decorative Craft Scissors
Index Cards

With the index card laying vertically, write the uppercase letter on the top and the lowercase on the bottom. Cut the card in half using decorative craft scissors. Vary marker color and scissor pattern for each letter to make it more interesting.

Uppercase Matching or Memory Game

With the index card laying horizontally, write an uppercase letter on both the left and right side. Cut in half using regular scissors. Repeat for each letter. Now you can use them to play memory or you can keep one set and give the other set to your child. Then hold up a letter and see if they can find the matching letter in their set.

While I was making these, Jer decided that he wanted to make his own cards using the letter A. They're not bad considering he just learned to write it a few hours before!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jeremy's 1st Birthday Party

I am starting to get ready for Jeremy's 4th birthday party that is coming up in a few weeks and it got me thinking about his first birthday party so I thought I would share it with you! It was a jungle safari theme.

Jeremy's smash cake

For the guests, we had one white cake, one yellow cake, and chocolate monkey cupcakes.

Here is a better view of the giraffe cakes.

For the design I printed out some coloring pages of the design I wanted, put a sheet of waxed paper over it and traced the design onto the waxed paper and then I laid the waxed paper on top of the cake and used a toothpick to poke the design onto the cake. I'm sure there is an easier way but it worked for me!

And a better view of the monkey cupcakes. You can find directions for these at Taste of Home.

Jeremy didn't like getting his hands sticky so we had to force him to touch his cake. Once he was already messy, he very reluctantly enjoyed the icing. :)

I found the tablecloths, inflatable decorations, and treat bags at Oriental Trading Company.

I am really excited about his fourth birthday since it will be the first real party he has had since his first birthday. When he turned two, we had just moved to a new state so it was low key and had the few people we knew at the time (which included only two kids). For his third birthday we were out of town for a month so we had a party with just the three of us and then took him to a local amusement park and let him go on rides all day. Both birthdays were fun but I am looking forward to giving him a big party now that he is old enough to really enjoy it and remember it.

The only problem is that he has decided he wants a Nightmare Before Christmas party. At first I thought it was awesome and that I had the coolest kid ever. Then I got to planning it and realized how difficult it is going to be to make it look like a kid's birthday party and not a Halloween party. I even asked him a couple of times if he wants a Curious George or Toy Story party but he is dead set on Jack the pumpkin king. This is going to be a challenge...

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Monday, April 12, 2010

School Room

Things have been a bit crazy around here as you may have guessed from the lack of posts this last month! I am back to working on things around the house though and hopefully I will have a bunch projects to show you over the next few weeks!

The first project I have to show you is Jeremy's school room! Since we are going to homeschool, we thought it would be nice to have a room just for doing school work to give him a little more structure and routine. It will also give him a place to leave projects out instead of having to clean them off of the dining table every evening.

The table is covered in a sheet of plexiglass to give it a smooth surface and gives us a place to display whatever we are working on.

His craft supplies are organized with a basket and tumblers from Dollar Tree.

I found this cute crayon border at Dollar Tree as well!

The ABC's are from JoAnn's and spray painted with the same Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch in Apple Red Gloss that I used on the table and chairs in his bedroom. The pillows are the ones that I showed you here.

I made the curtains out of a white checked fabric and added border of apples and buzzing bees.

I found this awesome retro clock at Target.

I used a picture wire and clips to hang his artwork. He loves having it displayed here and the clips make it easy to switch out for newer projects. The white board is a magnetic dry erase board. It works great for his refrigerator alphabet magnets and he can also draw on it.

I also made a red curtain for the doorway that goes into his bedroom. It is great for when we have guests staying in this room. It gives them a bit of privacy and if they stay up late, the lights in here won't keep Jeremy awake. He also loves it because it makes it like a secret passage to his room. :)

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