Friday, December 3, 2010

No Sew Tree Skirt

This tree skirt was super easy and the fabric was on sale so it only cost about $3!

1. Decide what the diameter of your skirt will be and purchase the appropriate length of fleece.

2. Mark a dot in the center of your fabric (my skirt was 4' in diameter so I made sure the dot was 2' away from all sides). Now, using a yard stick* as a protractor, keep one end of the yard stick on the center dot and hold a sharpie at the measurement of your radius (again, for my 4' skirt this was 2' away from the center). Keep the end of the yard stick on the center dot as you go around the entire circle. You may notice from the picture that I did it backwards and kept the sharpie at the end and placed the 2' mark on the center dot.

3. Now you should have a perfect circle of fleece. Measure the diameter of your tree base (being a fake tree, mine was small: about 1-1/2") and draw this smaller circle around the center dot. Using the yard stick again, mark the radius line.

4. Cut along the line and around the smaller circle.

5. Flip it over so that any markings you made are on the bottom and place it around your tree! Since it is made of fleece it won't unravel and you don't have to worry about sewing any seams.

I was going to add some decorative touches but once I put it on the tree, we decided we liked the simple snow effect of just the plain white skirt. My son thought it needed a little something though so he added his Santa slippers. :)

*EDIT: A friend commented about wanting to make one but doesn't have a yard stick. To solve this problem, just cut a piece of string, yarn or even dental floss to the length you need. Then hold one end on the center dot, stretch it out and hold your marker at the other end.

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Jennifer @ Muse Lodge said...

It couldn't be any easier. I need a new tree skirt bad. I'm gonna try this!

Cmurph said...

i need to try this since i am so sick of not having one. the problem: no yard stick!

Red Couch Recipes said...

I have a beautiful (actually 2) tree skirts that so don't match my tree. This is such a great idea...and I don't sew. Joni