Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Decor

All of our Christmas decorations are up! Jeremy has been loving it and it is so much fun to see the magic of Christmas through his eyes.

The tree is pretty much the same as last year. Simple with the star tilted whoville-style. Yes, the tree is fake. I'm allergic to the real thing and I don't want to pick up pine needles anyway.

The train that gets turned on about every ten minutes by an overly excited four-year-old.

We picked up new stockings this year. $2 each from Target. I love the pop of color.

Our fake fireplace. I know lots of people think they are tacky but I don't care. It's still prettier than any other space heater and it's nice to have the extra warmth on chilly nights. The flames look a lot more realistic in person than they do in the picture.
Above the fireplace is the musical Snoopy snow globe that also gets played about every ten minutes. Usually at the same time as the train.
I know I said that I was going to make a new advent calender this year but when I went to start it I realized I didn't have all of the materials that I needed. I'll try again next year when I have the right supplies and not wait until November 30th to start working on it.
I did make a few changes to it though. I added a dowel rod across the top hot glued some wooden balls to the ends (because I was too lazy to drill the holes to the correct size) and hung it with a decorative red rope.

The glittery Christmas banner is above the tv this year. I still love the added sparkle. :)

The story time box is one of Jeremy's favorites. He drags all of the books out at least once a day.

I love how cozy the living room feels now! Every time I walk in here I just want to curl up with a blanket and a Christmas movie....And I usually do. This room has not been helping my productivity.

Our Charlie Brown Christmas tree is new this year. I've wanted one ever since my parents picked one up. It's so cute!

My Christmas village is on the buffet in the kitchen this year. I added some white fleece that is bunched up in a few places to look like snow drifts.
That's about all we have up right now other than some lights and our Veggie Tales nativity scene. I have some more decorations in mind but I haven't created them yet. :)

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Sourkraut said...

Love it, especially the fake fireplace! I don't think it's tacky at all, and I'm usually the first to complain about stuff like that.

Mrs. Adventure said...

I LOVE that train... and of course your fake fireplace. I totally want one for the master bath lol.

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Love it all! Looks fabulous and I don't think the fireplace looks tacky either.

Birgit Kerr said...

Ohhh I love the idea of the christmas story box! I have to make one for my kids too! Usually we just mix the christmas books in with all the others on the shelf, but in a dedicated and decorated box it seems instantly more special!

Revamped French Maison said...

Hi Megan,
I'm just dropping by to give you the Versatile Blogger Award for your amazing blog. Come by my page to pick up your award:)

I love the train set you have around your tree. That is just to cute!


radn said...

what a great idea to have the train!

Skooks said...

The train runs THROUGH the tree? Brilliant!

Molly said...

My son would probably wet himself in excitement to have a train running through the tree like that! How is it done?

Megan @ Polish The said...

Thanks everyone! We picked the train up last year at Home Depot: You can have it run on the floor underneath the tree or it has arms that can attach to the middle of the tree. :)