Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recipe Book

Once again this is for myself and won't check a name off of my Christmas list. I have made these as gifts in the past though. It is a book full of my family's favorite recipes. It can be a great gift for people just starting out on their own as well as newlyweds or even people just looking for new meal ideas.

I start with a three ring binder with the clear sleeve on the cover. Just print out a cover (you can do something fancy and decorative but I kept mine simple) and slide it in the sleeve.

Type and print out your recipes. I like to take pictures of meals after preparing them so that I can add a picture to my recipe page. I don't know about you but when I am looking at new recipes I need a visual.

You can just three hole punch your pages but I like to put them in protective plastic sleeves since I tend to spill things. :) Because of the added width from the sleeves my regular dividers weren't big enough so I made my own using file folders.

Once you have all of your recipes typed out, it is really quick and easy to make multiple cookbooks for gifts!

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Red Couch Recipes said...

Megan, I think that giving your recipes are one of the best gifts you can give. One year my SIL did a cookbook, no pictures, of all of my MIL's favorite recipes. It was a treasure and a lifesaver, as some of the recipes were mine and when I couldn't locate them, I could look the book. Great idea. Joni