Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spare Parts

We have a box full of old costumes for people who come to our party costume-less. When I saw this picture from The Graphics Fairy I knew it would be a perfect sign for the costume box. So I used photoshop to remove the center image and added the 'Spare Parts' text. I thought it was kind of funny but maybe I just have an odd sense of humor. :)

Here is the printable version in case you share my weird sense of humor:

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The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Oh it is perfect!

LLB said...

OMG I love it! Hope you don't mind if I borrow this idea - I was planning to do the same type of thing with having extra costumes for guests!

Megan @ Polish The said...

LLB, I love it when my readers use the projects I have shared! That's what this blog is for after all. :) I'm glad you liked it!