Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Potion Jars

I added some more potion bottles to the brewing area! All of the labels are from Love Manor and can be found here.

Swamp Fog - small mason jar filled with fake spiderwebs and jute glued to the lid

Vampire Blood - trial size bottle of raspberry coffee flavoring syrup

Fur of Werewolf - Hormel bacon bits jar filled with hair clippings

Moon Dust - $1 Goodwill jar filled with salt

Poison - $1 bottle from JoAnn Fabric's with watered down red and yellow food coloring

Snake Oil - bottle of Liquid Smoke

Eyeballs - $1 jar from JoAnn Fabric's filled with squishy eyeballs from Target and water

Life Renewal Potion - $1 bottle from JoAnn Fabric's with watered down vanilla extract

Eye of Newt - spice jar filled with cloves (peppercorns would be even better)

I think the new additions filled the table in nicely. :)

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1 comment:

Emma B. said...

Your posts have given me so many awesome ideas for my Halloween party! Thanks so much, I am going to try some of them tonight and already did the potion bottles :)