Friday, October 15, 2010

NCIS Toe Tag Invitations

In general I think that if the host's costume goes along with the party theme it really pulls things together and completes the effect. I considered all kinds of themes and since our home already has a victorian vampiric look to it, I thought about my husband and I dressing in victorian clothing with him being the vampire and me his victim with a bloody neck.

Then he told me that he really wanted to go as Gibbs and Abby....uummm...That's great and all but how do I make an NCIS party spooky? And how can I make NCIS themed food? Then it hit me: instead of having an all-out NCIS party, there could be a crime scene at a Halloween party! So I have been watching old NCIS halloween episodes looking for things that we could incorporate into our party. The best part is that I don't have to stick to one specific theme for my decor and food since the "theme" is "Halloween Party"!

To start things off, I downloaded the Toe Tag Invites from Brooklyn Limestone. Then I altered them so that instead of saying "City Of New York" on the end they say "Washington Navy Yard" which is where the NCIS office is located. Then I filled in all of our information and at the bottom for "Signature of Authorized Party" I signed them "Dr. Mallard" (Ducky). I just printed them out and tied on a piece of string so that you can "Attach To Deceased's Toe".

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The Autocrat: Haley said...

Oh those are wonderful!

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

I am loving watching your NCIS theme continue. Come on over and link up at my Open House going on now.

Steph said...

wow you are super creative! awesome idea haha!

jaimy said...

How did you edit the 'City Of New York' bit? :)