Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Let The Halloween Decorating Begin!

It's not a whole lot different from our everyday decorating but...I finally started our Halloween decorating!

I added a few things to the desk in the dining room.

My fabric skull print hangs above it. Tutorial here.

A 1923 copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales (Part Two, that is. Does anyone have a copy of Part One that they would like to sell? ;) )

I love collecting classic literature in cool vintage bindings. Usually it is kept safely on a high shelf in the bedroom/library but I decided to take a chance and display it on the bottom shelf of the desk. Hopefully my babies will survive! They aren't valuable, most were found in the clearance section at Half-Price Books for $2, but I love them and they would be difficult to replace.

More vintage books on top of the radio.

I found this little guy at Dollar Tree and painted him with watered-down black and brown paint so he wasn't so blindingly white.

The buffet in the kitchen is where the witch hangs her hat.

A few potion bottles with Love Manor labels. These are just the ones from last year, I plan to add more this week. You can't see in this picture but to the right of these sits a cauldron that bubbles and mists.

A couple of vintage Dickens books that could pass as spell books. Some Embalming Juice (aka red wine with a label that I found at dollar tree last year) with a silver goblet and a skull from Walgreens finish things off.

A countertop cemetary made up of a spooky tree from Hobby Lobby a few years back and tombstones, floral moss and a hanging skeleton, all from Dollar Tree.

My spooky photo frame moved to the fireplace in the living room along with my Target candelabra.

A motion-censor raven keeps watch over the candy on the coffee table (found at Hobby Lobby several years ago).

Dollar Tree mini skulls and spanish moss from Dollar Tree fill a Goodwill vase with a little raffia tied around the top. Similar to the ones by Pottery Barn and The Gathering Place Design.

That's all I have out for now. It has given me an idea of how much space I have to work with for new projects. Time to start crafting!

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Sourkraut said...

Love it! I especially like the skeleton hanging from the spooky tree. Nice job!

Krista@thegatheringplacedesign said...

Love your decorations...and your skulls look great! Thanks for the mention;) I love those vintage labels too.

Bella said...

Hey Megan, I really love that tree, its super fun, and the skeleton is really great just hanging there. Also your candle stick is awesome, the candles look so big and chunky, as in a good thing, lol. Thanks for linking up to **6 weeks 2 Spook**, I really appreciate it!!! Bella :)

ldcattell said...

i love your attention to detail' everything looks awesome!!

DesignDNAblog said...

These are great Halloween ideas! Thanks for sharing.

Corie @ DesignDNA