Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Skeleton Key Necklace

I love skeleton keys and instead of just using them in my decor, I decided to make one into a necklace! This particular one unlocks the hope chest that my parents gave me when I was younger so it is extra special. Check out my tutorial below to find out how to make your own!

First, take about 12" of thin wire and wrap it around the top of the key twice:

Then twist the two ends together. (If you wanted, you could also twist the entire length of wire together before wrapping it around the top of the key in step one.)

Using needle nose pliers, bend the twisted wire to form a loop and wrap the wire around the base underneath the loop to secure it. Trim off any excess wire. You now have a key pendant that you can use however you want: on a chain, in a beaded necklace, or on a ribbon like I did.

To make the ribbon part of the necklace: Cut a 14" piece of ribbon (or whatever length you prefer). Burn the edges with a match to keep them from fraying. Thread a clasp on one end and a ring on the other. Fold over the edge of the ribbon and sew in place.

Now you have a fun way to show off your beautiful skeleton key collection!

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Melissa said...

That is so pretty. I love how you did that! Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tell All.

Krista@thegatheringplacedesign said...

Beautiful! I have a similar key that I wear on a chain, but the ribbon is beautiful. I must try it...thanks for the instructions! :)

Army Wife Quilter said...

I really wanted a key like this for christmas last year to put on the door for santa. we had no chimney. we do now. but i still want a key. i need to start looking now thanks for reminding me.

Athena said...

Love the necklace. Thanks for the tutorial.