Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cherry Tomato Sauce with Pasta

This recipe is a great way to use some of the fresh cherry tomatoes that are in season. The balsamic vinegar was a little too much for my son though. I told him he had to at least try it and he hated it so much he started crying because he was afraid I was going to make him eat more of it! Maybe your kid's have a more sophisticated palette than my son but if not, I would suggest having something else on hand for them. :)

Cherry Tomato Sauce with Fresh Pasta

1 1/2 pints Ripe Grape or Cherry Tomatoes
4 cloves of Garlic
a small bunch of Fresh Basil
1 pound Dried Penne
Sea Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper
Olive Oil
2 pats of Butter
1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar
4 ounces Parmesan Cheese

1. Cut the tomatoes into halves. Peel and slice the garlic. Pick the basil leaves off the stalks and put them to one side. Finely chop the stalks. Grate the Parmesan.
2. Bring a large pan of salted water to a boil. Cook pasta according to package directions. Drain in a colander and reserve some of the cooking water.
3. When pasta is about five minutes from being done, put a large frying pan over medium heat. Add a couple of teaspoons of olive oil and the garlic. Add the butter and let it melt. When the garlic starts to brown, add the tomatoes. Stir, then add the basil stalks and half the leaves. Add the vinegar and season with salt and pepper. Add the pasta to the frying pan with a splash of the cooking water. Stir well. Taste and add a little more salt and pepper to taste.
4. Divide the pasta between your plates or bowls. Sprinkle over the rest of the Parmesan and the basil leaves, tearing any larger ones up.
Serves 6.

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Capricorn Soap Company said...

What a fabulous recipe! My hubby is the cook in our family - I'm going to pass it along for a suggestion!

Thanks for sharing!

Vicky said...

Perfect... I have oodles of cherry tomatoes ripening as I type. I loved watching his show and have no doubt this will be a yummy meal. Thanks for sharing Megan.

Maggie said...

Oh that looks sooooo good!