Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Custom Party Hats

I promise I will get back to posting about something other than kid's birthday parties soon! But for now, here is another party project. Obviously Nightmare Before Christmas party hats are impossible to find but I even tried the over the hill section at the party store looking for plain black ones and came up with nothing. So I decided to just make my own!

I took a party hat I already had, opened it up and traced around it to get my pattern.

Make sure you choose "fit to page" before printing.

I traced the pattern onto black cardstock, cut it out with scissors, then used an exacto knife to cut the slit on the side. Roll them up and make sure the tab is on the inside like this:

Not on the outside like this:

I accidentally made a bunch of them like this before realizing that it was wrong. That's what happens when I try to work on projects after 10pm! :p

Print up your character of choice and use a glue stick to put them on the hats.

Cut some elastic cording about 18" long. Poke a hole on the sides of the hat using a pen or an awl. Poke the elastic through and tie a knot on the inside to secure.

And you're done!

They took a little bit of time but it was really simple and gave me something to do while watching tv (I don't know about you but I can't just sit and watch tv, I HAVE to be doing something else at the same time or I get bored). I wanted to make sure this looked like a Nightmare Before Christmas birthday party instead of a Halloween party and I think these hats will help.

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recessionhome said...

I'm inspired. Having a Nightmare Before Christmas party this Oct... and you have just given me the final touch ideas I so desperately needed.


And thanks!