Friday, March 5, 2010

Pocket Pillow Cases

Here is the tutorial for the pocket pillow cases that I made for Jer's school room! They are great because they have the tailored look of a permanently covered pillow but are just as easy to remove and throw in the washer as a regular pillowcase!

1. Measure the pillow you want to cover.

2. Next, you need to cut your fabric. For the width cut it 1" wider than your pillow. The length needs to be cut to twice the length of the pillow PLUS 5"

3. On each of the short sides, press a 1/2" hem (mine is wider than that because the fabric was already close to being the right length and I didn't feel like making an additional cut).

4. Sew the hems along the hem that you just made.

5. Fold one side over with the good sides facing each other.

6. Fold over the other side making sure that the two hemmed edges overlap by 3" The length should now measure 1/2" longer than your pillow. Iron the right and left folded sides, this makes it easier to make sure everything is square. Sew along the two unfinished edges (in this picture that would be the top and bottom).

7. You're done! Turn the pillow case right side out and stuff your pillow in one side...

8. ...and then the other.

9. Flatten out the flaps so that they overlap and you will be left with this barely noticeable seam on the back of your pillow.

This cute little boy wanted to get in the picture too. :)

From the front you can't even tell that it is a pillowcase! Super easy and functional too!

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Ashleigh said...

I found you from your comment and I'm sure glad I did. Thank-you for the boy's room inspiration. I love the light and all the other inspiration board themes. I just can't decide on a theme! They are all so good. Keep up all of the great work. I look forward to checking in with you again.

Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

Great tutorial on a pocket pillow! THanks for sharing with us! I have to check out that outerspace room!

Chandeen @ Designed by Chance said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I found you on Google and used it to make my own pillow.