Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Envelope Organizer

I found the idea for this handy organizer on Martha Stewart's website. You can use it as a stylish way to organize coupons or to separate your cash if you are into the envelope budgeting system!

Supplies: fabric, ribbon, thread, needle, ruler, pen, scissors, cardstock, cardboard, masking tape (or binding tape), paint brush, glue, disposible dish, and of course envelopes.

Cut the cardboard down you have two pieces that are about a quarter of an inch larger than the envelope on all sides.

Pour glue into the dish and use a paint brush to evenly apply glue to one side of the cardboard. Press it onto the fabric, glue-side down. Leave a gap between the two pieces to accommodate however many envelopes you plan to use.

Cut down the fabric, leaving about an inch all around. Glue down each corner.

Fold fabric flaps over and glue them down.

Cut down your cardstock so that it is slightly smaller all around than your fabric covered cardboard.

Tape two envelopes together with masking tape or binding tape. Make sure that the envelope's flap is on the outside and all of the flaps are facing the same way.

Continue doing this until you have as many envelopes as you need.

Close your finished "book" and use one last piece of tape to bind them all together.

Fold ribbon in half to find the middle. Place in the center of your fabric. Thead the needle and push it through the ribbon and barely poking through fabric and cardstock. Line up your envelope book so it is in place open up so you have an equal number of envelopes on each side. Push the needle through the tape.

Wrap the other end of the thread all the way around the book. Thread this end through needle and push it through the same hole as before. You will now have two thread ends on the inside. Tie them in a knot and then trim off the excess thread.

And you're done! Now just write labels on each envelope and fill them up!

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Treasia Stepp said...

I seen that on her website not long ago. Excellent job on it. I just love the color and design.

Megan's Creative Corner said...

Thanks! I absolutely love that fabric so I am always looking for an excuse to use it in a project. :-)

Maggie said...

What a wonderful project! I'm going to have to add this to my idea file. So happy I found your blog!!!

Maggie said...

Hey Megan - I finally finished my budget book. Thought you might want to see what you inspired: